Shoes for newborn babies. Shoes for babies with laces

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Shoes for newborn babies. Shoes for babies with laces

Material: Cotton Cloth
Style: Crib Shoes Socks
Color: Pink/ Wihte
Size: Fit For 0-18 Months Baby

Size  age    length         width
1-S   0-6M   11cm/4.33″  5.7cm/2.24″
2-M   6-12M  12cm/4.72″  5.9cm/2.32″
3-L   12-18M 13cm/5.12″  6.1cm/2.40″

Real color may slightly different from pictures due to computer screen’s resolution, brightness, contrast etc.

Shoes for baby? Recommendations on how and when to fit them:

Although they still do not walk, there are all kinds of possibilities to fit babies. The elderly seem to like to take the kids with shoes, parents like to wear shoes made in the image and similar to those we wear in a tiny size, or grandmothers who wear patent leather shoes early. Fashions aside, what we really have to ask ourselves is whether it is good to fit children who are not yet walking. TiendaSky
Approximately during their first eleven months, and while they do not stand up, the best and most natural way is to take the babies barefoot, and in any case, to protect them from the cold, it is best to wrap them in socks. Because we must bear in mind that our feet are a sophisticated biological engineering work, composed of 28 bones, 33 joints and a complex network of more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments, which have a long way to go to carry us.

Therefore, the footwear for babies must be adapted to their needs and not be a replica of the one worn by the elderly. And the best thing is going to be, whenever the weather permits, to leave barefoot children who are not yet walking, because if we do not provide them with adequate shoes, especially at the beginning, when they are so moldable and, therefore, easily deformable, we can damage feet that have been born healthy.

Shoes for newborn babies. Shoes for babies with laces
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