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Tips for sleeping the baby

  • Little by little, the baby should incorporate the routines of the day and night, and among the latter are the rituals to go to sleep: a story, a massage or mimes in his crib, a song or some music soft can be generating the right environment for sleep.
  • Before going to bed, it is important to help the child to relax, and for that, nothing like a good bath: it is an excellent opportunity for the baby to relax and, if it is always done more or less at the same time, little by little to go understanding that after the bath comes the time to sleep. Whoever puts the baby to bed should also be relaxed and willing to give the child the attention he needs (Portable Baby Crib Nursery Travel).
  • Closing the blinds – but ensuring good ventilation in the room – turning off the light and moderating the noise is essential for the baby to be able to sleep peacefully.
  • Portable Baby Crib Nursery Travel

    Portable Baby Crib Nursery Travel

    Do not make him sleep in his arms, as he will take this habit: you have to put him in his crib – still awake – and accompany him for a while – before he falls asleep (Portable Baby Crib Nursery Travel).

  • Do not take it to the parents’ bed: this can be done as a mime at some time of the day or when the children are older and there is no risk of creating the habit of sleeping in the big bed. Avoid it especially when you cry at night.
  • Keep the rules of the dream even when someone stays to take care of him or when he goes to sleep, for example, to grandparents’ house.
  • Bedding should be adequate: it is important not to over-wrap the baby and not to place blankets that could choke him. If sheets are used to cover it, they should be under the baby’s armpits, with their little arms on the outside (Portable Baby Crib Nursery Travel).
  • After 6 months of age, if you wake up during the night you have to teach him to sleep alone again since babies at this age sleep 6 to 8 hours in a row. If he does not cry, it is better not to go to his room. If she cries, you have to explain to her that you have to sleep and try not to lift her. This process requires a lot of patience. Portable Baby Crib Nursery Travel.

Sleep is learned, therefore, it can be taught. That is why it is so important to be constant in the routines, so that the baby will acquire habits that will accompany him as he grows.

Portable Baby Crib Nursery Travel
Portable Baby Crib Nursery Travel
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