How to use hammocks safely for babies

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The hammocks are basically a transportable chair with slightly inclined backrest where to place the baby who still does not feel alone. Some include the function of automatic balancing, vibration and even melodies to promote the baby’s sleep.

Basic safety rules for the use of hammocks:

  1. Always follow the instructions of use of the product to the letter.
  2. Always use the restraint system.
  3. Always place the baby on his back to sleep.
  4. Do not use additional pads under or next to the baby.
  5. Do not add blankets, pillows or other items.
  6. When buying it, choose a hammock that has a solid and stable structure.
  7. Do not place the hammock on high places, or on soft or irregular surfaces.
  8. Stop using the hammock according to the age of use and weight recommended by the manufacturer.
  9. Never leave the baby in a hammock without the supervision of an adult.
  10. This may make us think that this type of baby products are not safe, but the brand ensures that it complies with all safety regulations and remembers the importance of using correctly, both this and any other hammock for small children.

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As with other childcare items, some parents will tell you that it has been an item they have barely used and others that it is the best purchase they have made.

They have a padded backrest and have a safety harness for the baby to be safe while you can look at everything around you from there. It has the advantage that it can be taken to different rooms or to places outside the house such as the terrace, the garden or the beach. Many babies sleep naps there is completely inclined or semi-inclined position, depending on the positions with which the product counts.

Some have headgear and to put under when the baby is still very small, and to feel more comfortable and avoid being too “sunk” in the hammock, and that are removed as it grows. (How to use hammocks safely for babies)

Most hammocks are suitable for use since they are born, since the baby is lying on his back, in a tilted or semi-inclined position in which the neck and back remain supported on the backrest.

You have to make sure before buying it that it is actually approved for use from birth.

When the baby turns around on its own it could fall off the chair if it is not securely fastened or even roll over with the chair and fall on top of the baby. (How to use hammocks safely for babies)

How to use hammocks safely for babies
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Hammocks safely for babies
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Date Published: 04/12/2019
Tips for using hammocks for babies.
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