Baby’s shoes. Soft non-slip lace cotton fabric.

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  • Closure Type: Look and Hoop
  • Material: Cotton Cloth

Size Chart
size             age              length                width
1-S             0-6M          11cm/4.33″        5.6cm/2.20″
2-M            6-12M        12cm/4.72″        5.8cm/2.28″
3-L            12-18M       13cm/5.12″        6.0cm/2.36″
(1 inch=2.54cm)

Notes: Please allow 1-2CM differs due to manual measurement. Real color may slightly different from pictures due to computer screen’s resolution, brightness, contrast etc. Thanks for your understanding.

How to choose shoes for a newborn baby

How can we know which is the most suitable shoe for a baby that is already walking? The main thing will be to protect your foot without deforming the gait, respecting the shapes and dimensions of your feet, adapting to your movements, and cushioning the loads and volume variations experienced by the foot during the act of walking, which of course respects blood circulation and that (Baby Shoes Cotton Cloth. First Walker Anti-slip Soft.), first of all, it is the one that the baby finds comfortable. And here, nothing clearer than our son’s reaction. If when putting a certain shoe, rejects it, cries or tries to take it off, we will know that it is not comfortable, and vice versa, if when we fit it we see that it does not complain, and that shoes move comfortably and naturally, we will know that Shoe is suitable for the child.

Baby Shoes Cotton Cloth. First Walker Anti-slip Soft.

Baby’s shoes.

More advice The sole should be flexible and not too thick, to allow freedom of movement. It is good if the shoe has some type of reinforcement on the tip to counteract the wear. You have to see how is the interior finish, because thick or poorly finished seams can damage or cause injuries to the child’s skin. The most recommended material is natural leather, and we have to monitor the strange dyes, as they can cause allergic reactions. The way to tie the shoe is indifferent, as long as it is securely fastened. Of course, with the kids the most comfortable is always velcro, since tying shoes with laces can sometimes be a difficult task, because the kids, naturally and intuitively, usually refuse to wear them, because at last and finally, as they are more comfortable, they are barefoot.

Other details to keep in mind about what type of footwear is most suitable for our children who are already walking, because sometimes the task of finding a shoe that is comfortable and appropriate is not easy when at these ages, around the year and up Two years old, they still do not speak and we must intuit the one that best suits their needs. For example, it is important to take into account the length and width of the child’s feet and compare them with the measurements of the shoe in question (Baby Shoes Cotton Cloth. First Walker Anti-slip Soft.), because a baby with plump feet is not the same as one with thin feet. Above all, that the footwear has the natural shape of the foot, and that it leaves slack both in width and length, the appropriate thing is to exceed more than half a centimeter its width and more than one centimeter the length, to allow the play of fingers . And one important thing: even if we feel embarrassed that you will soon be small, when you start walking, it is better that the shoe does not fit too big. Baby Shoes Cotton Cloth. First Walker Anti-slip Soft.

Baby Shoes Cotton Cloth
Baby Shoes Cotton Cloth. First Walker Anti-slip Soft.
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